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SEO Benefits From Responsive Design

Responsive Design

SEO Benefits From Responsive Design It’s a well known fact that responsive web design creates websites suitable for all screen sizes. Before the arrival of responsive design, businesses would create two different platforms, one for mobile and another for desktop.
This is because old programming language could not build one website to appear on all devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile. So when users chose to use the mobile version of the same website, using duplicate content, it was harmful to their search engine optimisation results as it was considered a penalty by Google to use duplicate content.

Features of Responsive Website Design

As web technology improved the need to create one website to fit all screen sizes and devices was eventually realised.  So the ‘design for all’ concept was born, based on 3 principles:

  • 1. Flexible Layout
  • 2. Flexible Media (Video/Images/Texts)
  • 3. Flexible Media Queries and Media Query Listener

Benefits of Responsive Design

If your website takes advantage of the above technologies then it’s responsive. So the question is, why have search engines started to promote responsive websites in their ranking algorithm?
The answer is that all search engines, especially Google, want to provide the most accurate search results, based on what they are searching for, and whether they are using a mobile or desktop. If your website is responsive as well as properly optimised, it will be considered a suitable match for search users and achieve high search rankings.

If your website isn’t responsive, then mobile users will suffer from a bad user-experience, as the text may be too small or the images too large. Visitors will leave your website on their first visit, which results in a ‘high bounce’ rate. A high bounce rate is a ranking factor that can cause Google to demote your website.
I design and develop search-engine-friendly responsive websites so that you can count on having a high position in Google search rankings. Have a project in mind? Get it touch and let’s discuss it.